35 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Bonus: The “Us Vs. Them” Narrative [from the Cart Overflow podcast]

Growth Machine’s Head of Marketing, Amanda Natividad, recently joined the Cart Overflow podcast hosted by Gen Furukawa. We’re publishing this bonus episode here so you can learn about applying content marketing strategy to your company — no matter what stage of business you’re in. Show notes: 1:22 - Amanda talks about how she joined Growth Machine. 3:40 - Missed opportunities in content marketing. Content should be sustainable and able to support all other areas of the business.  7:58 - The two-pronged approach: Choosing high volume, low difficulty keywords to grow organic traffic, and creating conversion-focused content for high-intent users. 13:51 - Amanda describes how Growth Machine is able to create content that’s in line with other brands’ style and demonstrates expertise in their respective niches. 17:14 - Creating content that is accessible and consumer-friendly.  20:13 - How you can use Ahrefs to increase traffic and rank higher, even if you’re not an expert in SEO. 24:11 - The “Critical Authority Threshold”: What is it, and how does it apply to content marketing?  27:15 - Amanda shares strategies for smaller marketing teams in how they can think about their content output and goals. 30:39 - When it comes to standing out among other brands, think about your key differentiator. Check out the original episode with video: The “Us Vs. Them” Narrative & Other Content Frameworks to Stand Out, with Amanda Natividad  Links: Cart Overflow (0:48) Nat Eliason (3:02) The Writer Finder (15:01) Clearscope (19:07) Ahrefs (20:20) Critical Authority Threshold (24:20) Slice and Dice (34:08) Growth Machine & Amanda Natividad: https://growthmachine.com/ https://www.growthmachine.com/contact https://twitter.com/growthmachine__ https://twitter.com/amandanat
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