39 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

#33 SEO for Content Marketers at Any Level, in Any Industry

As soon as I began following SEO expert Kameron Jenkins’ work, it was clear to me how friendly and accessible she makes SEO to everyone at all levels. So I was super excited to have her on the show. Kameron is now a content lead at Shopify and we got to talk about: Communicating the value of SEO to the c-suite Balancing a content strategy across short and long tail keywords Knowing when it’s time to refresh content And lots more! Show Notes 0:53 - Kameron talks about how she got into SEO and what Google’s changes in algorithm have taught her along the way.  4:51 - How Kameron’s experiences working on the agency side of things helped develop her expertise in SEO. 6:46 - Why invest in SEO, and how do you communicate that to your C-level officers? 9:19 - SEO can be just as attributable as paid ads. 10:30 - Kameron shares more about her current role as a Content Lead at Shopify. 13:15 - Short and long tail keywords. Investing in content that supports your brand. 17:49 - Setting traffic goals: It’s not always about more eyeballs to your offer, it’s about getting the right eyeballs to your offer. 20:28 - Should you date your content, and when is it time to refresh an existing post? 26:19 - Using link building to build your site’s authority and trust with Google. 29:56 - Kameron gives her recommendation on where you can host and manage your new site when starting out. 33:38 - The future of SEO. Links Marketo (9:07) Shopify (12:57) Conde Nast (22:21) Aleyda Solis’ Template (24:38) HARO (27:33) Wordpress (30:32) Squarespace (30:55) Wix (30:56) Podia (31:50) Substack (31:51) Connect with Kameron Jenkins: https://twitter.com/Kammie_Jenkins Growth Machine & Amanda Natividad: https://growthmachine.com/ https://twitter.com/growthmachine__ https://twitter.com/amandanat
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