10 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

GE Ep 10 [2018] - How I Generated Over 20,000 Leads By Asking 8 Simple Questions

In my first solo episode on Growth Experts, I decided to share a quick story from 2017. How I generated over 20,000 leads and over $30,000 in sales while testing a new software product called LeadQuizzes. In this episode I share... - How I stumbled upon the product and why I decided to give it a test drive. - The four different ways I tested the LeadQuizzes product including the results which add up to over 20,000 leads. - BONUS OFFER where I give you access to one of my top performing quiz funnels. Collect your BONUS at the link below. www.askdennisbrown.com/quiz For a free trial to LeadQuizzes go to https://goo.gl/B61LAo  Connect with me below... www.LinkedIn.com/in/askdennisbrown www.Twitter.com/askdennisbrown www.Facebook.com/askdennisbrown 
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