45 minutes | Jan 19, 2021

58 - How Contracts Protect You When Hiring with Layne Lyons JD

Trusting others to help you in your business can be a scary step. How do you have confidence and peace of mind that the relationship you form with your contractors and employees will be a positive one that builds your business?

The answer is setting up strong legal foundations with the right contracts. 

Layne Lyons JD shares how to protect your business, content, relationships, and money through simple and straightforward contracts. 

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Next Steps:

Protect Your Business Legal Checklist – You cant grow your business from a place of fear and what-ifs. Growth comes from knowing all your hard work and investments are protected. laynelyons.com/checklist

Book a free call with Layne – Book your Rainy Day Readiness Call to make sure that your business foundations can withstand any storm that comes its way. bookwithlayne.com

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