15 minutes | Jul 14, 2020

31 - How to Manage a Team Without it Monopolizing Your Time

One of the top reasons small businesses hire new team members is because there is a lack of time. More hands are needed in the business because you and the team you might have can no longer do it all.

However, many small business owners don't gain time when they hire. Why? Because they replace the time they were once taking doing tasks with overseeing their new team member(s).

The question many small business owners are left asking is, "How can I manage a team without it taking up all my time?"

The good news is, it's possible. In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, you'll hear three steps you can take to make sure you save time with each new team member and don't feel like you spend all your time managing.


In this Episode You'll Hear:
  • How if you're not careful, when you hire your first team members you can fill all the time you gain by delegating tasks to managing your new team. 
  • Why you need to train all team members - even those who are in basic positions or have done the identical role for another business. 
  • How it's easy to start micromanaging your team members even though you don't want to. 
  • Why you can't be afraid of giving your team members authority to make decisions. 
  • How giving your team members dedicated time out of your day saves you time overall. 
Next Steps:

Are you ready to be happy with your team's performance without having to micromanage their work?

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