34 minutes | Apr 21, 2020

20 - Why Employees Quit and How You Can Get Them To Stay with Francesca Deane

Like many small business owners, you were probably once an employee. And, chances are, you at one point felt undervalued and lost your motivation to keep working hard for your boss. 

Many of us have stories about why we left corporate and started our own business. For those of us who left because of a bad manager or leadership, we need to strive for one thing: to be the boss we wish we had. We have a choice about whether we show our team members that they are valued or whether we are the reason they quit. 

In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, Francesca Deane is sharing her story about what made her want to leave her corporate job and how you can do things better as a small business owner. 


About Francesca Deane:

Francesca Deane is an international health and mindset coach. She’s the founder of "Fit Healthy Into Your Busy Life", a mindset and lifestyle transformation movement to help high-achieving busy women make themselves a priority and fit a healthy lifestyle into their busy schedules so they can find balance and achieve the energy, mental focus, and confidence they need to move to the next level.

Francesca is Italian, a mom to two little boys and a passionate sugar-free baker. After working for over 8 years in corporate finance for top-tier multinational companies in Rome and London, Francesca moved to New York City and left a well-established career to pursue her mission: help busy women streamline and enhance their routines, turn overwhelm into empowerment and live their lives to their full potential.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How feeling under-valued as an employee made Francesca leave working for top-tier companies and start her own business.  (3:51)
  • Why the "If broke, don't fix it" mentality doesn't work when you have a team. (7:56)
  • Why telling your employees "No" too often leads to good team members quitting and you being left with unmotivated team members. (10:27)
  • How stifling innovation can lead to bankruptcy. (11:23)
  • How to be open to team member suggestions when it's YOUR ideas and methods they want to change. (13:53)
  • What to do when an employee approaches you with a bad idea. (16:50)
  • Why the 40 hour or more workweeks can make employees feel that their work is not valued. (19:09)
  • How hiring a team can help you live a healthier life. (27:54)


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