13 minutes | Apr 14, 2020

19 - Hiring Mindset Challenges That Are Impacting Your Bottom Line

Do you have hiring mindset challenges that are holding you back from adding the support you need to your small business?

If you do, you're not alone. Too many businesses resist hiring even when their business is showing them that there is a need to add a new team member.

In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, you'll hear about two of the most common mindset challenges that stop small businesses from moving forward with making hiring decisions and how they can cost your business. 

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • Why you need to stop telling yourself that you don't deserve to have a new team member.
  • Why your age or the age of your business does not dictate the number of team members you should have.
  • Why you need to worry about your business and your business only when making hiring decisions.
  • How it's okay for your business to thrive when other businesses are struggling.
  • If your business is showing you that it's the right time to hire, you need to hire someone.
  • Why you will hurt your business if you don't act on hiring at the right time. 
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