13 minutes | Mar 3, 2020

12 - One of the Best Ways to Retain Your Team Members

Long-term, engaged team members. It's one of the top things small business owners want when they start building their teams.

If you're going to take the time to hire someone, train someone, and learn to trust someone, it only makes sense that you would want them around for the long-haul.

How can you accomplish this? Many factors go into your ability to retain your team members. In this episode of the Growing Your Team podcast, we are going to review one of the top things you can do to retain your team members.

In this episode, you'll hear: 
  • How listening to your team members is one of the top ways to retain talent (1:14)
  • Why you might resist accepting your team members ideas as a small business owner (1:24)
  • The top three actions to take when a team member suggests a change or implementing something new (2:12)
  • How not feeling valued led an employee to leave her job (3:35)
  • A personal story about how giving someone else's ideas a chance led to me finding exactly what I wanted (4:26)
  • What you should do when saying no to your team members is the right decision and an example of how it can keep team members engaged (8:26)
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