43 minutes | Sep 25, 2020

Mujoo Matrix: A Time Management Tool for Strategic Relationships (with Anyamele Uchenna)

Time management has an importance in all areas of our lives. It especially has a great impact in the way we make relationships and in the quality of those relationships. To develop thriving relationships, you need to make time for yourself, first so that you are prepared in all ways for the relationships, then you need to make time to set the foundation for the relationships and as the relationship progresses you need to constantly make time for your role in its growth. There are 24 hours in a day. While this might look like a lot of time, it is ironic that people find it difficult to be productive within the available time. However, there are tools that can be used to master and hack the system so that there is clarity and direction, resulting in proper management and effective usage of available time for maximum productivity. In this episode, I am in conversation with scholar and personal development enthusiast Anyamele Uchenna about a powerful time management tool called The Mujoo Matrix. A graphical tool that breaks life’s focus into 5 blocks of S’s namely Survival, Sustenance, Sacrifice, Stimulating and Succeeding. Each of the blocks have significance and varying importance depending on who you are. However, everyone can apply the Matrix to their lives with the aim of managing their time most especially for the purpose of making and strengthening relationships. In this episode you will learn: What is the Mujoo Matrix?How to develop a matrix that fits your life.How to assign appropriate timing to each block of the matrix.Journaling as an important tool for time management. The post Mujoo Matrix: A Time Management Tool for Strategic Relationships (with Anyamele Uchenna) appeared first on The Moveee.
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