72 minutes | Dec 11th 2020

#2 – The Value Of Strategy w/ Romina Kavcic

In this episode, Romina Kavcic talks about the value of implementing a design strategy. We discuss how to communicate the value of research and the profound impact it can have on the success of a design project.

Romina is a Design Strategist who holds a Master of Business Administration. She has more than 14 years of experience in design and consulting in tech. She has worked with unicorns like Stellar.org, Databox, Xamarin, Singularity.NET, and others. She also has a post-graduate credential from Blockchain Strategy (Oxford University).

Romina has a course on design strategy that you can sign up for on her website designstrategy.guide that I recommend to check out.

You can reach out to Romina on

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