65 minutes | Jan 18, 2018

Thriving Your Way to Financial Freedom in Your Dental Practice with Gary Takacs

Key Points at a Glance Gary Takacs, Founder of the Thriving Practice Academy, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah Has beennick named the ‘PodFather’ Started in the dental profession in 1980 Started the Thriving Practice Academy in 1989 Hosts the Thriving Dentist Podcast Show Not a practicing dentist, but owns a dental practice – Life Smiles Encourages work / life balance for more family time Uses the term ‘thriving’ because dentists can change people’s lives and it means dentists and others can achieve personal, professional and financial satisfaction 6 goals for a Thriving practice:1- Overhead no higher than 60 %, ideally 50 %, 2-The ability to create financial independence for yourself thru the practice, 3-All technology that makes dentistry fun, and still control your overhead no higher than 60 %, ideally 50%, 4-High performance team that you truly love and enjoy working with, 5-Patients you enjoy taking care of,6- a treatment mix that gives you satisfaction Unplanned expenses Abundance vs scarcity mindset Moving towards a thriving practice; 1- digital photos for patient education, 2-morning huddle, review patient headshot to remember who you are taking care of that day, 3- work on getting Google reviews (you must have a gmail to write a review, look to see which of you patients has a gmail), 4- KPI: key performance indicators to monitor the performance of your practice 6 Goals for a Thriving Practice Website: www.takacslearningcenter.com Email: gary@takacslearningcenter.com The post Thriving Your Way to Financial Freedom in Your Dental Practice with Gary Takacs appeared first on Growing Dentist Podcast Show.
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