26 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

#70: Leveraging A Holistic Approach As A Nutrition Coach

As coaches and gym owners, we all got into the business of helping people. What solution do you provide people? What is the client’s emotion as the end result? At Healthy Steps Nutrition, it comes down to one word; confidence. Our mission is to empower clients to become the healthiest version of themselves one step at a time. Our goal is to empower healthy lifestyles, which goes far beyond what you eat or coming into the gym for an hour to take a class. At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we developed a framework focused on the WHOLE client. This framework includes stress and mindset, support, sleep, exercise, nutrition all to create a healthy lifestyle. In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman discuss: - Why you need to focus on the whole client - How stress, sleep and support work together to support or inhibit your client’s progress Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast and check out the Nutrition Made Simple podcast where we provide simple and actionable tips to help people become the healthiest versions of themselves one step at a time. https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/grow-your-nutrition-business-podcast-episode-70-leveraging-a-holistic-approach-as-a-nutrition-coach/
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