23 minutes | Apr 5th 2021

#69: Starting CrossFit Springhill with Nutrition As The Foundation

Abby Cooper is a seasoned nutrition coach but brand new to using the Healthy Steps Nutrition platform. In this episode, she talks about how she and her gym owner worked together to launch a comprehensive nutrition program in their gym. Instead of wasting time building a nutrition program from scratch, Joe and Abby, owner and coach at CrossFit Spring Hill, have partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition to offer nutrition coaching in-house! Within a few short months, they have over 30% of their members doing nutrition coaching and have truly built nutrition into the foundation of their gym. Abby talks about how she has established herself as the expert and how her gym owner supports her role as a nutrition coach. You will love her story, and you are guaranteed to be inspired to become a better coach. https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/grow-your-nutrition-business-podcast-episode-69-starting-crossfit-springhill-with-nutrition-as-the-foundation/
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