44 minutes | Sep 12, 2020

33: Nick Bryant — Why Authentic Relationships & Integrated Community Are The Foundation For A Better Life

Episode Type: Inspirational People

Welcome to another episode Grow Your Life, In this episode of Inspirational People we're talking with Nick Bryant. Nick's company, NickPrint, prints almost everything but money, with a focus on printing and delivering direct mail for small to medium-sized businesses. Nick founded NickPrint on April 1, 2006, an April fool's joke to himself that has lasted fourteen years and counting.

We originally met through the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce during the weekly Networking Gwinnett events early in the morning. Beyond connecting at a business level, we also related over our respective stories, including a collaborative book project Nick and others were involved with.

In this discussion, Nick shares how we went from serial entrepreneur to a having a single focused business, the importance of authenticity in the relationships, why we humans crave meaning and direction in our life, and the importance of modern Christians following and perpetuating Jesus and the example of the early church.

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