43 minutes | Sep 16th 2019

Making Plant Dyes with Kristin Morrison of All Species

In this episode, we journey to Southern California to the home and garden of Kristin Morrison, maker of wildcrafted textiles and founder of All Species, a fashion-forward, ecological clothing company. We find Kristin in her outdoor dye lab where we make a vibrant dye using Mexican marigold. We also get a sneak peek at a dye she's making out of avocado pits -- who would have guessed that avocado pits can be used to make a plant dye?!

Kristin creates fabulous, wildcrafted textiles utilizing plant-based dyes from plants that she grows or finds in the wild. As the story goes, her passion for her work sprang from a “chance encounter with a cluster of cacti just around the corner from her home.” There she found cochineal, not a plant but a bug feeding on the cactus, that she used to create the first of many dyes, this one a vibrant red. This is where she discovered the perfect medium for bridging her studies in fashion design, regenerative agriculture, and plant medicine.

Hear how our Mexican marigold dye turned out and listen in for a cameo from Baby Sage at the end! :)

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