69 minutes | Sep 23rd 2019

In the Kitchen with Lilly Padilla, Chinese Nutritional Therapist & Cook

Lilly Padilla is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Chef specializing in Chinese Nutritional Therapy and Ayurveda. She’s also the author of the book, Anti-Cancer, Habits & Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition. She began studying nutrition and the benefits of a plant-based diet after treatment for ovarian cancer and surgery that went horribly wrong, decreasing her chances of survival.

In her own words, it was her discovery of nutritional therapy and a renewed connection to nature that saved her.

In this episode, we visit Lilly at her Los Angeles home where she lives with her dog Paco -- her other savior and love of her life. There she was cooking up a summer meal, treating us to some of her most healing foods.

Listen in to hear more about her life-saving foods, including her recipe for cauliflower ceviche.

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