40 minutes | Aug 23rd 2019

A Visit to the Home and Studio Of William Ryan Fritch, Original Film Score Composer, Gardener, and Cook - Part One

We visit William Ryan Fritch, Original Film Score Composer, and Cook, at his home and studio in Petaluma, California. This was an incredible experience that only gets better as the hour ticks by. Which is why this episode is split into two parts, it was the only way to fit all the good stuff in. You won't want to miss a minute!

Part one begins in William's kitchen where he's making a breakfast of curried potatoes and eggs for his family. Here you'll begin to get a sense for the amazing human being William truly is. We then move out to his studio to hear him play some of his instruments. These include a $5 thrift store cymbal and a broken accordion. Neat, right? 

In part two, episode three, we hear some of the music William is currently recording and wrap up our conversation with cocktails made with herbs from my garden.

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