34 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Ciara Stockeland: Profit First for Retail

Show Summary In this episode, Ciara Stockeland shares her entrepreneurial journey - from selling rocks in the front yard to selling a business. To compete, you have to have something that sets you apart. Ciara's piece of advice is to think creatively. Sell what you're good at or what your skills are and it will generate additional revenue. Sell a solution to a problem. She also talks about her top Profit First tip: Set up an inventory account. Inventory is the lifeblood of product-based businesses.   Website: www.theboutiqueworkshop.com Instagram: @cstockeland Corporate Partner: SweetProcess -  Document processes, procedures, and tasks in one place so you can stay focused on growing your business. - visit https://www.sweetprocess.com/.
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