50 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

Tech to Combat Food Waste with Too Good To Go's Claire Oliverson

We produce enough food every year to feed every single person on the planet. And yet millions around the world go hungry or live in a state of food insecurity. So what happens to the food we produce that doesn’t get consumed? It gets thrown away. Food production is one of the greatest marvels of our time matched only by our propensity to waste what could otherwise be consumed.

As you’ve heard in a past episode, companies like American Organic Energy are finding ways to harness the power of food waste and reduce the amount that we throw away in landfills every year. Today we hear from a company that is attacking the problem from the other end of the system. Claire Oliverson is the U.S. Head of Marketing for a new app that connects restaurants, bakeries and grocers with consumers to collect food before it’s thrown away. 

The app is called Too Good To Go and it’s a sensation in Europe that has finally landed in the United States. Available today in Boston and New York, Claire’s mission is to introduce the app to as many people in these cities as possible and break into new markets around the country. While the premise is simple, the technology is first class and the power of connecting people with something as basic and beautiful as food is elegant and necessary.


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