39 minutes | Jun 30th 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility with McPherson Strategies' Susan McPherson

Social change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The parts we can see—people in the streets, wall-to-wall media coverage, perhaps even landmark legislation - can sometimes feel abrupt. But these visual cues are like the erupting volcano. Before it explodes, it may simmer for decades, building pressure and moving slowly through pockets of the earth before finally erupting. 

Along the way there are champions of change who often toil behind the scenes and push the flywheel of change until it gathers momentum and eventually moves on its own. One such person is Susan McPherson. 

Susan McPherson is the founder and CEO of McPherson strategies, a consulting and communications firm that advises organizations on sustainability, corporate responsibility and empowerment. Her client roster is a who’s who of household name corporations, NGOs and passion projects that are near and dear to her heart. 

Looking to start a social initiative in your organization but not sure how or when? Better call Susan. Worried that your efforts will seem inauthentic and performative? Better call Susan. Interested in partnering with another organization to bring your sustainable vision to life? You know who to call.

You can find Susan McPherson on Twitter, LinkedIn and on her website.


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