24 minutes | Nov 20, 2020

GCLP Ep 8: Inside Vermont w/ Russ Rathier

Russ is a native New Englander who has served as a pastor in Maryland and Vermont. His background includes senior enlisted leadership roles during his 20-year career in the Navy, an experience that gave him a knowledge of team-building strategy and a passion for bringing people together. 1.   Life in Vermont – what makes Vermont – Vermont Lifestyle, Relationships, Community, …….   2.   Focus on Communities and neighborhoods – lots of sharing life.   3.   What about Faith in Vermont?  What do people believe?    4.   Vermont is definitely a Mission Field to an unreached people group.  How does that play out in the local church?   5.   Where do you see the Church in Vermont today in relations to the History of Vermont?  6. How are Christ Followers being multiplied? Statements from the Podcast: People in Vermont are about community Vermont is a weaving together of life Vermont is very connected with one another Get involved as an official in town. Vermont is a humanistic culture The only way to God is through Jesus In Vermont, there is a hunger for spiritual awareness People are lost and people need Jesus In Vermont, prayer is paramount 3 Circles Evangelism tool https://www.namb.net/evangelism/life-on-mission-app/ Meet the people, where the needs are In Vermont, the average size town church ranges from 20-30 people Jesus came on a rescue mission for the lost. Remember, the internet is sporadic in Vermont, so connect with Russ in this way. Connect with Russ through email at rrathier@bcne.net Visit: www.BCNE.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012866588490
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