23 minutes | Oct 31, 2019

GCLP Ep 4: Revitalizing Your Worship Culture (w/ Matt Eaton)

Matt's worship culture blog: www.worshipculture.network Setting your church's worship services up for maximum engagement across multiple generations is not easy, but there are 3 steps you can take to accomplish it week after week. Gary Moritz is joined by Matt Eaton, worship leader at City United Church to talk about this. Pastors, you may want to listen to this episode with your worship leaders. 1. Conviction - Without this, the rest happens haphazardly and with no control. - Revisit often, rarely edit. A. Starts with you - Write out your vision, mission, what you will value B. Discuss with your pastor -This is not a one-time meeting. It is ongoing. C. Share with your teams -Unite everyone under one purpose, and see how the ministry rockets forward. 2. Constructs -Let the mission, vision, and core values set certain defined and measurable aspects of the worship/tech Ministries A. The "How" of each team. -What gear/tech will you use? -What style of music? B. Job descriptions -Written out -Similar for everyone across the board C. Procedures -Guidelines for musicians both on and off stage -Checklists for tech positions -The more specific, the better -Set your teams up for success, and give them every opportunity to be excellent (doing the best you can with what you have) 3. Culture -This is the result, regardless of how well you have done all the above. -You will be setting a culture no matter what you do, so be intentional. -All the above things should lead to a culture that not only takes your church to the next level but also honors the people currently in it and what they have seen (including older generations). -Regardless of your church’s background and beliefs, the culture should be one of teaching, worshiping, learning, and community.
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