93 minutes | Jul 22, 2019

Things that stress out our skin but are often overlooked

In this episode, Jamie (the founder of Grounded Sage) and Karla (brand & marketing manager for Grounded Sage) engage in a casual conversation about factors that stress out our skin outside of topical skincare products.  Factors discussed inhibit balance from the inside out, and while one podcast episode isn't enough time to explore all the factors that can affect a holistic whole-body approach to skincare, Karla and Jamie share how they navigate things that can take a hit on our healing journey.  Some of the things discussed included how the following things affect our skin: Moving our body vs exercise - where the two meet, how we're finding ways to move our bodies that don't require iron clad will power or a motivational pep talk Sleep - two different takes on how to get enough, how we're navigating changes to sleep, and what's working now (and what's worked in the past) Toxic relationships, boundaries, and expectations - why this affects our skin, what we've learned so far, and what hope to continue to move towards within the relationship in our lives.  How skincare and beauty fads, trends and novelties affect the long term health of our skin Seasonal living - what it means to each of us and how we work it into a skin-supporting lifestyle.   
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