61 minutes | May 14, 2019

The must have steps in a basic skincare routine - and deciding what's right for your skin

I often get asked what the bare-bones, must-have steps in a balanced, green beauty skin care routine are. Basic routines are my favourite because they are easy to follow and more likely to be executed. When our skin needs extra support, we can quickly figure out where to make tweaks. In this episode, I’ll share the steps that, if our skin could talk, would tell us it wants to remain balanced, happy, and healthy. I also dive into one add-on you might want to consider for boosting a basic routine.  Topics covered in this episode include: The 4 steps in a basic (yet effective) natural skin care routine The what and why behind each step  "Oily yet dry" - why your skin might be feeling this way and what to do about it 3 (good) reasons for including a facial mask in your routine The 4 things I wish I could have told myself about acne skin care routines when I first started breaking out as a pre-teen (including advice about internal factors - like avoiding a common supplement that made me break out like crazy!) Hydration for the skin (why it's important and how to work it into your routine effectively) The different reasons for cleansing at night vs in the morning The different reasons for moisturizing at night vs in the morning The difference between morning and evening routines for the skin How sun protection factors in (and why) How to calm down the skin down - quickly and easily How to support your lipid barrier (and how to know if you need to) My favourite hydration-rich ingredients in natural skin care How to know if your skin is dehydrated (and what do about it) What to do to buffer acne prone skin against sebum oxidation and inflammation   Helpful links: Floral Aura (Skin Type) Assessment Cleanser Quiz - find your fit Hydrator Quiz - find your fit Moisturizer Quiz - find your fit Community Resources - facebook group, free resources, etc Grounded Sage Skincare Shop
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