20 minutes | Feb 7, 2020

Monthly Chin Breakouts - how to tackle hormonal acne

  In this podcast episode, I answer a question the question:  "How do I get rid of chin acne breakouts that keep coming back each month?" Cyclical breakouts, especially those in the chin and jawline area point directly to our hormonal cycle - which includes the increase in inflammation in our body that happens at this time as well as the change in our sebum (our skin's natural oils get stickier during this time). SKINCARE ROUTINE - Check out the full show notes for a step-by-step simple skincare routine. To really get a handle on monthly breakouts though, you'll need to focus on internal support for your skin as well (a low inflammatory diet, etc). HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE - Check out the skin-supporting actions and internal support suggestions that have worked for me in the full show notes over on the blog.  For further help with inflammation and breakouts that flare up due to hormonal spikes, check out the fulls show notes for links to checklists and other resources. FULL SHOW NOTES - Available here.
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