40 minutes | Sep 17, 2019

Hormones and Our Skin

As requested from the radiant rebel community, this episode of the podcast is all about hormones and our skin - more specifically what hormonal imbalances are connected with which skin concerns, and what to focus on based on the symptoms your skin is experiencing right now. Skin concerns covered in this episode (and how hormones are related to them): hyperpigmentation melasma (aka "the mask of pregnancy") uneven skin tone acne enlarged pores blackheads sebaceous hyperplasia (small bumps that are often skin-coloured but can also take on a white to slightly yellow tint) excess oil sensitive skin rosacea eczema dry skin dermatitis being prone to hives (skin allergies) mature skin premature collagen loss or wrinkling of the skin Helpful links: Topical probiotics: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask with Probiotics Topical probiotics: Vitamin C + Probiotics Serum Calming Surface Level Inflammation: Quick Calm Pink Clay & Calendula Mask Podcast Episode: Supporting our skin from the inside out with Whisper from Alternate Routes Podcast Episode: Overlooked factors that stress out our skin BLOG: learn the real deal with acne causes & triggers. BLOG: Hormonal Acne Explained + How the Digestive System Factors In BLOG: The inside scoop on insulin – why spikes cause acne BLOG: Hormonal Acne: Tips for balancing naturally BLOG: Chin & jawline acne: the most common mistakes BLOG: Vitamin Deficiencies + Skin Facebook Group Subscribe to my in-depth monthly email for even more support
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