46 minutes | Oct 27, 2016

017: Data Science Your Life

This is a midweek Bonus episode of the Grounded Reason podcast.

Today I interview Michael Kirk. Michael is an engineer that was having trouble paying down student loans for him and his wife. So, he decided to start applying the data driven principles he uses at work to make every day decisions in his home life. Michael shares his methods and techniques on his website http://efficiencyiseverything.com.

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I met Michael through the cord cutting community. He used his data driven approach when it came to his TV and Movie viewing and discovered cable TV is one of the worst ways to spend your money.  While this may be obvious, there is plenty Michael and I discussed that wasn't so obvious. Check out the notes below for more information about what we discussed. 

Show Notes Introduction

To give you an idea of how data can inform decisions let's use the game of Monopoly for example. Most people I play with try to get the monopoly for the most expensive properties they can and put hotels on them. However, once you look at the data, you find the real winning strategy.

Monopoly Data - http://www.tkcs-collins.com/truman/monopoly/monopoly.shtml

Interview with Michael Kirk

Now Michael didn't come to talk games. He's taken a data approach to life. Below is a list of some of the things we covered during the interview.

  • How to eat better food efficiently and affordably
  • Checklist your routine activities to save time
  • How this approach applies to cutting the cord.
  • Various tricks to get some time back from your day like cutting out commercials
  • How it helps with Health Insurance, buying a Car
  • You can even measure your fun for efficiency
  • We also discuss how this would even work with kids.
  • Check out the tools on Michaels Website efficiencyiseverything.com



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