62 minutes | Mar 25, 2020


The F*ck You! to COVID-19 edition____________Have a go of this absolute fist pumper of a mix done exclusively for us by the man himself AKHET!!!!!!_______Local boy_____total dude_____Writes his own tunes on his modular rack ____They are total bangers, you will hear some of them mixed into this set_____if you would like to find more of Akhet's work you can follow him here:https://soundcloud.com/akhetakhetakhet _____https://www.instagram.com/akhet_perth/_____So put your gloves on____Spray some medic in your mask___Get ready to punch a hole through whatever solid durable barrier you have in front of you__You are in for a real treat___Enjoy!!!____________________________________________If you would like to feature on an episode of the Grit Podcast or know someone that you think would like to have a crack, Hit us up on social media and we will try and make it happen. Definitely want more queer and feminine energy on the show, so don't be a stranger. Sadly we have had to postpone our next event until further notice due to our current situation. But all is not lost! We can still party in our living rooms together, in our own time.  Please take care of yourselves and everyone else around you. 
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