60 minutes | Aug 28, 2020

Learning the Ropes to Find your Flow with Arman Bajacan Jr.

"The way I see it (rope flow) on a neurophysiological aspect, once you develop the four patterns, it becomes more of a right and left hemisphere work. But, it becomes a pattern fixed that goes to your cerebellum, so it's when you're not thinking, that's when you're doing the flow. And that's where the magic happens." In this episode, we got our shoulders rotatin', hips movin', and brains a-thinkin' just having a conversation with this dude! Check out Arman Bajacan Jr., an operations manager, sports physiotherapist, and community leader of Rope Flow in the Philippines as he shares his love of Rope Flow and what it can do for the body and the mind. #gritgroundph - Get to know her more at: instagram.com/physio_explorerrx - Follow us at instagram.com/gritgroundph_ and facebook.com/gritgroundph - https://gritgroundph.buzzsprout.com
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