66 minutes | Feb 13th 2017

Episode 21: Marketing is the Core of Business with Austin Distel

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A couple of months ago I was chatting with my friend Bryan Wish. We started talking about GrindDaily and Bryan asked “what kind of person can I connect you with”, I immediately responded- “An internet marketer, I want to bring some inside expertise into the GrindDaily community so we can all learn a thing or two from a practicing internet marketer”. Right after the call, Bryan connected me with this week’s guest, Austin Distel.

We all wear the marketing hat in some way. Whether writing a new book, developing a new product, or launching a new YouTube cooking show, marketing plays a strong role. Working on marketing as a focus that’s someone I was eager to learn from.



Austin the world traveler


Full Interview https://grinddailyblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/austin-distel-final.mp3 The Serial Entrepreneur


Austin Distel runs Bravado Branding and is CMO of The Entrepreneur’s Alliance. While studying pre-dental at UGA, he was inspired by the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad to change his path. Austin changed his major to marketing and was hooked. Realizing that at the core of every business is marketing, his entrepreneurial spirit was rekindled.


At 12, Austin started a lawn care company outside of Atlanta. He went out and bought a lawnmower, and started door knocking picking up clients around the neighborhood. Around 15, he started hiring people at Home Depot to mow the lawns, this allowed him to go out and sell more so that he could scale his business. He learned to pay by the project, not the hour.


He ended up selling the business 9 years later when he was 21. He used the sale of the business as his runway for his next venture (Austin explains what a runway is during the show). Basically, a runway is the amount of time you and your startup have before running out of money.


Austin went into network marketing next, something he calls “the gateway drug for entrepreneurship”. This is where he really learned how to hustle, how to sell, and how to grow a team internationally. He was able to do this because the model almost acted like a franchise. The headache was taken away with all of the infrastructure already in place. He credits a lot of his entrepreneurial skills to this early venture.


Launching Bravado Branding he realized that he could not be the tactician of the business if he was to scale. A mentor of his, Dave Rogenmoser gave him some extremely helpful advice on how to scale his business.


Austin figured out how to set up the systems and processes to scale Bravado, and took on a new role with The Entrepreneur’s Alliance, aiming to build a community around entrepreneurs.


Where to Follow Austin Instagram @austindistel or on Facebook




Link to Join the Entrepreneur’s Alliance


One of his favorite influencers as of late is Alex Becker, a comedic motivational storyteller on YouTube. Resources   Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and his cash flow quadrant. Eric Thomas YouTube Channel -mentioned for motivational speaking Quotes “Pay by the project, not the hour” “Your network is your net worth” “Make sure you don’t have birth defects in your business” “Dream much bigger much sooner” “If you want to make 1M, then help 1M people” “This is the time to land grab, and take massive risks” “Who cares about thirsty Thursdays” “Begin with the end in mind” “Hire people smarter than you” “Beginning with the end in mind” Credits

Timmy McElany- Editor

Ryan Cole Ross– Music

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