141 minutes | Dec 22, 2019

Dorkfest 2019: The Best Movies of 2019

It's here! It's here!

Here is our fourth annual -- though of course Tim and Will have been doing this since 1991, just not in podcast form -- Dorkfest, each of our top 10 movies of the year. It's the most wonderful show. It is here to get you through the holidays.

Happy holidays! Have a great new year, and we'll see you in 2020. Thank you for everything: Doing this podcast is our favorite thing to do. We only get to do it because of you. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think @griersonleitch on Twitter, or griersonleitch@gmail.com. As always, give us a review on iTunes with the name of a movie you'd like us to review, and we'll discuss it on a later podcast.

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