45 minutes | Jan 24, 2016

S02E15 - Catherine Cho

Catherine Cho, Musician, Violinist, Teacher, and Performer chatted with us about her teaching and performance focus. As a teacher she focuses on the ‘total person’, ‘how to practice’ and developing a balance in life between practicing and life. From her own experience preparing for competitions she offers her current students a view of the full picture of how to become a well rounded performer and competitor. We talked about the process of learning of undergraduate and graduate student and how she guides her students to becoming independent and finding their own pathway to their careers. As a chamber music coach her focus changes to helping students how to rehearse, how to listen to themselves, listen to each other and how to interact/communicate as a group. We also talked about how she manages her own practice, manages her own career schedule, her family life with fellow musician Todd Phillipps of the Orion String Quartet and how she communicates with parents of young violin students of how to support their child in their learning.

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