39 minutes | Apr 17th 2018

GMP017: SirPlus - The journey of the man who lived without money

Making up for the long wait for a new episode, Claudi got Raphael Fellmer (@sirplus.de) in front of the mic. To many of you, especially those German-speakers, and those who are following the anti-food waste movement a bit, I probably don’t have to introduce him: He is one of Germany’s biggest food activists, he went on a money strike, he’s written a book called “Happy Without Money”, given tons of talks, co-founded the platform foodsharing.de - and now founded an amazing new startup, Germany’s first food outlet called SirPlus. Raphael and I only met last November at the re:Blog conference "re:MIND", that brought together around 100 influencers who care about sustainability, to discuss what sustainability actually means and how it could possibly work in big multinational companies... Raphael gave this super inspiring talk, loaded with passion, emotion, gratitude and just so authentic and powerful… I think everyone was totally captured. He’s someone I truly admire for his values, his beliefs and his perseverance. If everyone would be a little bit more like him, we could solve a lot of our world’s problems in no time. WHY WE NEED STARTUPS LIKE SIRPLUS? Raphael and his team are putting heaps of passion into SirPlus - and that’s really really necessary when we look at the numbers: 50% of edible food is being wasted in Europe! 50% ! In Germany, that's about 1 truck per minute - and with the food that's thrown away, we could feed all hungry people 4 times !! Sounds daunting, but Raphael Fellmer is the living proof that change is possible and everyone everywhere can do something. Want some positive numbers? SirPlus already saved more than 300 tons of food from landing in the bin = that equals 750,000 meals!! That’s huuuge - and it only started 6 months ago. They’re looking for a new shop space by the way, so if you know anything or have a space, get in touch! IN THIS PODCAST EPISODE, YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: the story of Raphael’s 5-year moneystrike & a moneyless journey through Mexico what happened that led him to such a radical experiment the realization that there are two sides to money & other big learnings why he believes so strongly in our generation why overwriting what we learned can sometimes take a while the what’s, how’s & why’s of SirPlus empowering people to be the change they want to see in the world (like Ghandi said) the darks side and bright side in every human being the blessing of failure & how to grow from it why dogma entitlement & need to be replaced with compassion and empathy ...and heaps more! Promise, this episode will fire you up with energy & once you finished listening you gonna jump up and make change happen. Get ready for Raphael Fellmer from SirPlus! SHOW NOTES: Connect with Raphael on Facebook | Twitter  - Connect with the SirPlus team on Facebook | Instagram  SirPlus Online Store  SirPlus Crowdfunding Video  foodsharing.de Raphael’s book “Happy without Money” (in German)  As always just a few quick final shout outs before leaving you: 1. If you took value out of this episode, please share it with your friends and leave us a short review on iTunes. Your feedback is important to make the show better and spread the messages to more people. Thanks so much for supporting us, it really means a lot!  2. If you are looking out for a unique local experience, check out GreenMe Berlin Tours & GreenMe Melbourne . We've got lots of new great routes to choose from, so pick yours & get in touch! 3. Wanna jump to the next level & learn how a world without waste, less overconsumption & more human connection could look like, check out our Circular Economy Tours. 4. Lastly, if you wanna stay up to date with the latest interviews, green events, tours and our explorations in the Berlin green scene, sign up for our monthly newsletter. We got a little thank you if you do so: we’ll send you our best-of guide to 7 of awesome eco-minded places in the city for free. That’s it! Thanks so much for listening! Now go out & make change happen :) P.S. Join the GreenMe community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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