13 minutes | Jan 29, 2019

045: Ladder of Engagement - The Key to Societal Transformation

"Personal action is a great place to start, but a terrible place to stop." - Annie Leonard

Ladder of Engagement:

  • Personal level - individual choices
  • Community level - team efforts
  • Policy level - school board, city, state

Every year when you plan out your strategy, make sure you consider how to operate at or at least partner with others who are operating at every level of the engagement ladder.

Yes, there are restrictions around what percent of time registered nonprofits can operate at a political level, but it may not be as restrict as you assumed. Get some expert advice to be sure.

Just remember that our government is 'representative'. Let's take the time to let them know what we care about so they can indeed represent us.

Free resources: www.GreenTeamAcademy.com

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