151 minutes | Aug 19, 2020

Green Lantern Podcast Season 0-Episode 2.5: Black Lightning Podcast Crossover

The following is a crossover episode between DCTV Podcasts' Green Lantern Podcast and the Black Lightning Podcast, as hosted by the Black Lightning Podcast:   Welcome back to The Lituation Room a.k.a the Black Lightning Podcast! This week, Britney Monae, Clement Bryant, Nate Milton, & Vanessa Shark  welcome the hosts of The Green Lantern Podcast to the show! Ryanne, Toni, Jazzabelle, and John join the Lit Crew for a wide-ranging conversation on representation in media. Topics discussed include: The first time the hosts saw themselves represented in superhero/comic media, how our entertainment can reflect (and shape) our thoughts on social issues, diversity amongst the DCTV shows, expectations for the Green Lantern series, and our excitement for the DC FanDome event. All that and more on a super-melanated new edition of the Black Lightning Podcast! Let the crew know what you think about this episode (or send in suggestions for our future episodes) in the comments below. You can tweet or email us...And if you just want to send the Lit Crew some love, we’d appreciate that too! Don’t forget to check out all our links below. As always, Stay Lit, Stay Woke, and Stay Home...We Out! Official Website: BlackLightningPodcast.com Social Media: Facebook – @BL_Podcast – Instagram Subscribe: Apple Podcasts – Stitcher Radio – YouTube – DC TV Podcasts – Google Play – iHeartRadio Contact Us: BlackLightningPodcast@gmail.com Support: TeePublic Store You Can Follow The Green Lantern Podcast at: Social Media: Facebook – @Lantern_Podcast – Instagram Subscribe: Apple Podcasts – Stitcher Radio – YouTube – DC TV Podcasts – Google Play – iHeartRadio (Coming Soon) Contact: TheGreenLanternPodcast@gmail.com Support: TeePublic Store  
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