94 minutes | Jan 31st 2020

Green Justice #810: Fadeout

"Fadeout" for the final time as the Arrow television series comes to a close. Some things have changed in Star City and some things have stayed the same. But the biggest difference that everyone is feeling right now is that Oliver Queen is truly dead. His friends and family have come to mourn his passing. Sara Lance even brings Mia from the future to honor her father's memory. But as they try to cope with their loss, a man once captured by Green Arrow tries to exact his revenge by kidnapping young William. The team scours the city looking for him and contemplating their futures. Once Mia saves the day, they say their final farewell to both Oliver and the vigilante life they have been leading for all these years. Their futures may be up in the air, but in the actual future true love gets its happy ending. Jay and Josh bid adieu to the show that started it all on the series finale of Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
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