102 minutes | Jan 17th 2020

Green Justice #808: Crisis on Infinite Earths

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" parts 4 and 5 picks up 10,000 years before the midseason finale where we find Mar Novu conducting the time experiment that released the Anti-Monitor and destroyed the Multiverse. The seven Paragons work to find a way to bring back everyone everywhere by traveling back and stopping it before it starts. They will need help from Oliver Queen, who is now in the form of the Spectre. After an epic battle and an epic sacrifice, everything seems to have reappeared. But there is one, very big difference: There is now a prime Earth where our heroes can easily join together to fight any menace that comes their way. And the first one they'll have to defeat is the Anti-Monitor. Jay and Josh will not fail this multiverse in the grandiose conclusion of Crisis on this week's Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast! Listen in and justice will be served...to your MP3 player!
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