67 minutes | Nov 2nd 2019

Green Justice #803: Leap of Faith

Oliver must take a "Leap of Faith" when he travels to Nanda Parbat to find answers about the mysterious Monitor. Once he's there, he runs into his sister Thea who is happy to catch up and help her big brother. She's been busy helping to dismantle the League of Assassins, but has made a dangerous enemy of Athena. Luckily, the pair have Talia helping them to make their way to the information they need. Of course, they'll have to fight their way through. Back in Hong Kong, Lyla and Diggle discover that Sandra and Connor Hawke are being held by some very bad men. They won't have time to call for ARGUS backup, so the married couple work together to rescue them. And in the process become closer than ever. And in the future, Mia leads the team right into the Deathstroke gang's hideout to confront JJ once and for all. But in the process, they lose one of their friends. And that's when the universe decides to mess everything up. Jay and Josh go on a scavenger hunt on this week's Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast! Listen in and justice will be served...to your MP3 player!
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