70 minutes | Oct 26th 2019

Green Justice #802: Welcome to Hong Kong

"Welcome to Hong Kong" where China White rules the triad and Katana fights against them. The Monitor has brought Oliver, Diggle, and Laurel here after the destruction of Earth 2 to find a scientist that is working on redeveloping the Alpha/Omega virus. Oliver is convinced that the last Earth was destroyed because he didn't follow the Monitor's instructions so now he is making some questionable decisions about how to get things done. Laurel is trying to get back home, but all her efforts are for naught because there is nothing left. As Oliver tracks down his target, he runs across his old friend Katana, who reminds him what he's fighting for. In the future, Conner tries to convince JJ that he can be a good guy, but he doesn't really make much progress. Jay and Josh enjoy Chinese food on a business trip to Hong Kong on this week's Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast! Listen in and justice will be served...to your MP3 player!
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