65 minutes | Oct 19th 2019

Green Justice #801: Starling City

Come back to "Starling City" with Oliver Queen. Now in service of the Monitor, he begins his travels on the road to his final destiny by experiencing what life might have been in this alternate reality. Here, Oliver has been missing from the boat tragedy for twelve years. Black Siren and the Hood have been trying to protect the city from the Dark Archer. But the Hood is Adrian Chase and the bad guy is Tommy Merlyn. First, Oliver has to restrain his emotions as he comes to terms with his new reality. His mother Moira is alive and married to Malcolm. Thea has died of a drug overdose because he wasn't there to save her. But the Monitor won't let him worry about minor details like that. He must retrieve a dwarf-star particle to help for the upcoming Crisis. But Tommy has other plans for it. Luckily, Diggle followed Oliver to Earth-2 and helps him out despite all of his friend's objections. With Oliver's final fate looming, our hero experiences pains of the past and alternative possibilities before seeing what may be in store for his universe. Jay and Josh begin the Undertaking of breaking down the final season of Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!
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