61 minutes | May 10th 2019

Green Justice #721: Living Proof

Oliver needs "Living Proof" that he can make the right decisions to stop his sister Emiko. The whole team struggles to get out of the rubble left over from the building that the leader of the Ninth Circle has blown up around them. Oliver is held under a concrete slab, but luckily with with wits and a little help from his old friend Tommy Merlyn, he is able to get free and find a way out of the room he's trapped in. The rest of the team finds each other and recuperates while they look for Oliver. Felicity and Alena try to help from afar, but it seems that Emiko has wasted no time getting video evidence to the police, implicating everyone in the murder of two security guards. The two women make a break for it and connect with most of their friends. With further dangers in the wreckage, they must make haste to find Oliver and figure out what to do next. Oliver's subconscious Tommy tries to convince him that he needs to end this cycle of violence, but Oliver is convinced that it is the only way to stop his wayward sister. He'll have to decide quickly in their final confrontation. Jay and Josh hold their breath, but not because of benzene on this week's Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast! Listen in and justice will be served...to your MP3 player!
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