21 minutes | Jan 17, 2019

12. Clearing Criminal Records in the Golden State

Prop 64 legalized recreational cannabis in California, but it also included a provision that allows people who've been charged with cannabis-related crimes to have those charges reduced or expunged. A drug conviction negatively impacts a person's life even after incarceration; it can make it hard to land a well-paying job, access public programs, secure housing and more. Hayley talks with Rodney Holcombe, a staff attorney with the Drug Policy Alliance, on why, even though expungement is now on the table, there are sill a lot of people with cannabis-related crimes on their records. Find out more about the drug policy alliance at http://www.drugpolicy.org/ Follow Hayley on Twitter at https://twitter.com/epfox Support the show and TableCakes Productions at https://www.patreon.com/tablecakes
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