31 minutes | Jan 10, 2019

11. The Need for Weed in the Classroom

No, we're not advocating for smoking weed in your dorm room or hiding it in your locker. Instead, we're talking about academic education surrounding cannabis. A 2017 survey published in Drug and Alcohol Dependance reached out to medical school deans, fellows and residents and found that there was a “fundamental mismatch between the state-level legalization of medical marijuana and the lack of preparation of physicians-in-training to prescribe it.” In addition to guiding future doctors on its use, what about the larger implications of widespread cannabis - like how do we teach about how it may affect the US’s economy? This week Hayley speaks with Eugenio Castro Garza, co-founder of UCLA’s own Cannaclub, a student-run organization that aims to connect students with jobs in the legal cannabis industry while also addressing wider misconceptions surrounding the drug. UCLA's Cannaclub: https://cannaclubatucla.org Hayley's L.A. Taco story: https://www.lataco.com/cannabis-city-ucla-weed-course-aims-at-legitimacy Drug and Alcohol Dependance survey: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28892720 Follow Hayley on Twitter at https://twitter.com/epfox Support the show and TableCakes Productions at https://www.patreon.com/tablecakes
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