11 minutes | Jan 14th 2019

Mini Episode: Seriously, What's the F***ing Deal with the Guinea Pigs,? Part 3

ProductionGreater Boston is written and produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason, with recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon.Support us on Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/greaterboston.Content warnings at end of show notes. CastThis episode features:Mike Linden as Oliver West (he/him)Braden Lamb as Leon Stamatis (he/him)And guest starring Jamie Price as Norbert West (he/him)MusicDrums by Jim JohansonWant to hear more of Jamie’s wonderful voice acting? You can find them in the wonderful drama, The Strange Case of Starship Iris, as well as in What’s the Frequency? Go listen!ContactFind us online at GreaterBostonShow.comFollow us on Twitter @InGreaterBostonSponsorsFind all of our sponsor discount links at: https://fableandfolly.com/partners/Content Warnings Strong languagePrisonDeath of sibling/parentHomeless abuseA production of ThirdSight Media LLC.Copyright 2015 - 2020 Alexander Danner & Jeff Van Dreason
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