60 minutes | Oct 24, 2020

Jason Patel: Moving from Individual Contributor to Business and Strategy Leader

Jason Patel, the Chief Technology Officer for Ensighten, met with us to discuss moving from being an individual contributor to overseeing, leading and guiding the work of others, new challenges that one faces and what he’s learned over his career. WATCH Subscribe to Great Tech Pros video on YouTube, Facebook and Apple Podcasts. LISTEN Subscribe to Great Tech Pros podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Questions that Jason answers: [2:21] Jason shares his background experience and how he arrived at his current role as CTO at Ensighten. [6:50] What is different from when you were an engineering (individual contributor) to  now leading a larger team as a business leader? [10:35] How do you define a win now as a business leader to when you were an individual contributor? [14:25] What challenges did you face when you moved into tech management? [21:03] How do you prepare your team to succeed when you are not available? [25:45] How to approach discussing moving into leadership with your boss? (Audience Member Question) [30:55] What motivates you to move from a large firm to a startup company? (Audience Member Question) [33:05] What are your thoughts on employee management – micromanagement vs leadership-coaching style? (Audience Member Question) [33:53] What is the most important characteristic of a CTO? (Audience Member Question) [28:20] At what stage or time-frame do you recommend that a professional start exploring career advancement options at a new company? (Audience Member Question) [44:38] What does it mean to ask for help? (Audience Member Question) [55:05] How to leverage experience gained in a different company with its unique market?  (Audience Member Question) You can connect with Jason on Linkedin, Facebook and Github. Stock Media provided by ikoliks / Pond5 Special thanks to the students, alumni and administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the College of DuPage for their help in making this episode a success.
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