57 minutes | Oct 20, 2019

Don Alava: Integrating Digital and Traditional Marketing

Don Alava, Digital Marketing expert and VP of Marketing Analytics & Technology at Universal Technical Institute, met with us to share his expertise in integrating digital and traditional marketing. In this discussion Don shares: Technology is something that you must keep pace with. Natural curiosity is a valuable trait when hiring a marketing analytics professional. Valuable technical skills are ideal when hiring new marketing analytics professionals. Recommendations for those working to get into digital marketing, traditional marketing or marketing analytics. Watch Subscribe to Great Tech Pros video on YouTube, Facebook and Apple Podcasts. Listen Subscribe to Great Tech Pros podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Questions that Don answers: [02:33] What does a successful marketing campaign look like? [04:19] What is Cost-Per-Metric? [05:39] How has analytics changed how content is marketed? [07:49] What are the ah-ha moments that throughout your career? [12:55] Where do traditional advertisements fit in our current digital environment? [18:21] How do you advise that marketers ask analytical questions in a way where the desired answer is not driving the results? [20:17] What do you look for when hiring new marketing analytics professionals? [24:07] What key technical skills do you look for when hiring new marketing analytics professionals? [26:09] What insights should one hope to gain from analytics? [27:07] Deeper dive into what it means to combine CRM data and Digital Marketing data? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION) [29:57] Should business owners understand digital marketing? [32:34] What are the areas of traditional and digital marketing techniques that traditional small businesses should follow to minimize cost and increase ROI? (AUDIENCE MEMBER QUESTION) [39:20] How valuable is bootstrapping/guerilla marketing tactics? [44:20] The challenge of creating marketing personalization. [52:18] Recommendations for those working to get into digital marketing, traditional marketing or marketing analytics? Excerpt from the Interview: Wylie Blanchard: So, let’s talk about analytics for a second. How has analytics changed how we market content to people? Don Alava: It’s interesting. When I first started out – well the names have changed over time – there was database marketing, there was targeted marketing, now it’s big data science. When you look at it, it’s going back to what is the objective of your marketing campaign and what’s the best way to measure it. What’s nice about analytics and technology is that you have more data available. When I was on the ad agency business I got into direct marketing and we were measuring things based on responses to numbers or how many mail coupons people submitted and returned to us. So we could count it that way but now with the internet, with mobile devices, you’re getting that data almost instantaneously. So whereas in a direct mail campaign you waited for a couple of weeks to measure the campaign. Now when you’re in the digital/mobile space you can get that information right away and that’s where analytics comes in… Humans – while we can do a lot of analytics – when you bring in data science and machine learning they can keep up with the pace of the data that’s coming in to give you an edge over your competitors. It all starts with what’s the goal of your business and how should you best measure that. Then use the data to help get you that information and get the competitive edge over your competition who may not have quite figured out how to use their data to inform their marketing campaigns, as well as, their follow-up campaigns to those who eventually become customers. Useful Links: Connect with Don Alava on Linkedin and Twitter. Learn more about Universal Technical Institute. Follow on Linkedin. Special thanks to the students, alumni and faculty from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for their help in making this episode a success.
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