53 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

Episode 3 Adam Lamb, The Tips to Buying and Selling Boats

Episode 3. Adam Lamb from Ludington Yacht Sales.This week we bring you Adam Lamb, owner of Ludington Yacht Sales to talk all things boating.  Adam breaks down the keys to buying and selling a boat, roadblocks to watch out for, and the important maintenance areas to keep the value of your boat.  Adam is a Ludington native and loves helping boaters all over the Great Lakes!Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review Great Lakes Reel to Reel podcast!Sponsors for this episode are:Renegade Productswww.renegadeproductsusa.comDreamweaver Lures www.dreamweaverlures.comStrike Force Energy www.strikeforceenergy.comGreat Lakes Reel to Reel is a fun, weekly podcast, highlighting the fishing and Great Lakes Lifestyle.  From boating and fishing to individuals making a difference on the Great Lakes, our guests share information so we all can enjoy the beautiful Great Lakes and everything it has to offer in new and exciting ways.
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