44 minutes | May 20, 2021

Sharon Neiss Arbess: Share Your Rainbow After The Rain

You may have had episodes of embarrassment, insecurity, and failure growing up. But it is from these difficult moments that you learn the best lessons, and you're able to share your rainbow after the rain. Karen Pulver's guest today is Goddess Sharon Neiss Arbess, author of Me & My So-Called Friends. In this episode, Sharon shares with Karen that whatever stumbling block comes your way, you can get around it. What's important is knowing how to deal with the situation so you can come out on the other side smarter and stronger. Are you ready to conquer your failures and use them as stepping stones to growth? Don't miss this episode!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Grateful Goddesses Community today:gratefulgoddesses.comTwitterInstagramFacebookYouTube
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