57 minutes | May 13, 2021

Elaine Williams: Discover How Owning Your Own Power And Speaking Your Why Can Lead You To Greater Things In Life

It’s scary to own your power. When there is pressure or trauma, the squeaky voice can come on. Owning the core power that we all have and perhaps had to hide while growing up, will empower us. We are socialized to be pleasing and nice and this can cause us to not get the things we want. Listen to comedian, speaker, and vocal coach Elaine Williams as she teaches us how to tap into that lower register and take command of our why. We will also dive into Elaine’s struggles with addiction and her mission to change the conversation around this. There is something about our culture that leads to addictive personalities and we need to be taught emotional intelligence and understand how to detach and unplug in a healthy way. Elaine’s ultimate mission is to help people through the difficult times in their lives, whether it be an addiction, navigating college, or traumas, to speak and own their lives on their terms. Listen and learn how to tap into your deep goddess voice of truth!

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