62 minutes | Sep 23, 2021

DeeAnne Riendeau: Tapping Into Your Soul Records To Enrich Your Life

Have you ever made a family tree? Have you gone further and taken a 23andMe test to see more information about your ancestors? Wouldn't it be nice to know about how you came to be, who your ancestors are, and how you can learn from all they have gone through in life? Imagine being able to take a "spiritual 23andMe," where you could tap into your past and learn all about any past lessons and how you can use those to create the best life for today. Our guest DeeAnne Riendeau will explore past lives, accessing one's Akashic records to help individuals bring to the surface experiences that can help explain so many "why's" in our current life. See how the beauty of the records can be like having a life coach in your back pocket that you can access. These allow us for a deeper level of reflection so we can ultimately transform ourselves. DeeAnne teaches us about energetic boundaries to protect ourselves through intentions and shares a daily practice to help clear negative energy that doesn't serve us.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! http://gratefulgoddesses.com/
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